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Solar Pool Heating Systems

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A solar pool heating system can be mounted almost anywhere that the collectors can “see” the sun for a good portion of the day. While southerly orientation is preferred, solar pool heating systems are tolerant of relatively wide variations in orientation to the sun and mounting angle. Roof mounting is usually the simplest technique since additional construction is not required. Almost any type of roof is acceptable. If the roof is not convenient, a solar pool heating system may be mounted on the ground or on a rack. A ground mount can often be done where there is an existing convenient ground slope or where earthen fill is available.


Using solid state controls, an automatic control measures pool temperature and compares it with the temperature selected by the pool owner. Whenever the pool temperature is lower than the set point, the water is directed through the solar pool heating system, provided the signal from the solar energy sensor indicates that the solar pool heating system is capable of delivering heat to the pool. The manufacturer carefully matches the electronic circuit characteristics of the controller with solar pool heating system characteristics to deliver maximum heat to the pool.

Some manufacturers offer a control which will automatically cool an overheated pool. This is popular in the Southwest and in Florida where overheating of a pool during the summer season can present a problem.

U.S.-based manufacturers provide complete application and installation material suited to U.S. climates. Their solar pool heating systems are also designed to provide the durability and high performance demanded by the American consumer. In selecting a solar pool heating system, as with any product, the manufacturer who has been in the solar pool heating business for a long time and has a reputation for trouble-free products will usually save the customer money in the long run.


In conclusion, the factors contributing to the simplicity, cost effectiveness and trouble-free nature of solar pool heating systems are:

• Ideal operating temperatures for solar

• Low pressure

• Lightweight, durable polypropylene collectors

• System flexibility to be able to heat and cool pool water temperature to a

comfortable range.

It is this resulting simplicity that makes solar pool heating systems the most cost-effective and largest use of solar energy known today.

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